A Magical Night in Somerville

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

©Kati Mennett 2010

My good friend Amy visited me these last few days. She’s from Chicago but lived in Boston for a few years while getting her BFA in photography. Coming to Boston is a lot like coming home for her. And having her here makes it feel more like home. Amy and I met on a trip to Mexico. This is where we also met our friend Christine. All three of us bonded and have been friends since. It was rejuvenating to be around the both of them at the same time again. I have only good memories with these women.

Steve and Allison joined us that first night out and we had a great time sitting outside and talking. Catching up is fantastic in a beautiful neighborhood with such great people.


About katimennett

I am a photographer in search of stories. I am infatuated with the notion that fantasy is constantly a part of our reality. With wanderlust forever a part of me, I travel near and far in search of the spectacular.
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